What is the BLU ROOM ™ experience like?

The BLU ROOM™ experience is personal and the effects vary from individual to individual. The BLU ROOM™ isolates you from the outside world and envelopes you in a soft atmosphere, generating a deep sense of relaxation and aiding the state of concentration, which opens the door to a new mental perspective. This produces great effects of well-being on the body and mind, improves mood which in turn helps to accelerate the healing process, because as scientific studies prove (epigenetic), the mind is inextricably entangled with DNA.  One also experiences a greater self-awareness and increased creativity.

Is the BLU ROOM™ safe?

The BLU ROOM™ experience and the time of exposure to the ultraviolet atmosphere are designed to be a safe experience. As with any new experience however, there is a period of adaptation one must allow for. During the first session each individual is advised as to the necessary precautions in regards to UVB exposure, which is minimized due to the particular construction of the room and the duration of the BLU ROOM™ sessions.

How long is a session?

A session always lasts 20 minutes and the cost is 60 euros.

How many sessions are recommended?

To clients who are interested in optimizing their personal goals we recommend that they undergo one session per week, however some clients have found it extremely beneficial to undergo two or even three sessions per week.

Do you offer package deals?

No, there are none available at the moment.

What do I wear in the BLU ROOM ™?  Do I need to undress?

The BLU ROOM™ is not a tanning device. Most people wear their regular clothing. Wear what is comfortable for you. You do not need to disrobe, we only ask that you remove your shoes. Many people bring a light blanket to make this a more comfortable experience.

Is it possible for more than one person to enter the BLU ROOM ™?

No, entrance is limited to one individual at a time.

Does the BLU ROOM ™ help with pain relief?

Yes, some people have experienced relief from pain and discomfort.
The BLU ROOM™ provides a deep state of relaxation and mood improvement. An emotional state derives from the residuals of emotional storms, which are then transformed into attitudes. If mood improves, then the storms will placate as well. The BLU ROOM™ experience may also augment the production of vitamin D, as well as increase the secretion of endorphins. Among other effects, the secretion of endorphins induces a sense of euphoria and strengthens the immune system. With higher levels of endorphins, less pain is felt and one is less subject to stress.

Is the BLU ROOM™  wheelchair accessible?

Yes, but we ask people with limited mobility to be accompanied or to advise us in advance.

Is the BLU ROOM™ covered by the National Health Service/Insurance?

Not at present. The BLU ROOM™ is not a medical device. We expect  that one day the BLU ROOM ™ and  Bio-natural techniques will be recognized in Italy as well, as a form of complementary therapy for health and well-being.

Are there  parking places nearby?

Yes, the area offers many parking possibilities.

How do I get to the BLU ROOM™?

Please visit our website and check the page “How to get there”.